Ter a liberdade de poder percorrer territórios e linguagens diversas pelo simples prazer de viver e experimentar... Sem preconceitos e sem medo... A arte é única, só fala diferentes linguagens...Kira Luá



 Sculptures in Paper Machê Series Imaginary Beings
The sculptures are made with the marks left hands on the mass, creating various imaginary beings with nails.

 Ser Imaginário em Resina e fiberglass            Imaginary Being Resin and fiberglass 
Ser Imagnário em Bronze e papel Machê            Imaginary Being in Bronze and paper-Machê


I follow the work of Kira LUA, multimedia artist, with more than 20 years.
Since the early work has been touring several territories expressive, from painting, sculpture, installation, performance, photography, video ... a journey which never abandoned. First appropriating natural elements incorporating them into your way of expressing, creating a poetic context of color and light breezes verb.

In another moment continues to explore the natural elements, which arise from a shy way, now commanding presence and living stones, stopping in time with their shadows properties, but as witnesses of thousands of years. When it seems that everything said about the stones, the more behind, all holy and spiritual man appointed for them. From the standing stones of the Druids, painted and engraved messages of prehistoric man to modern when they make their synthetic stones to build their houses.

Give a halt on the rocks, but not the mystery of man. Penetrates with ceramics to unlock the secrets of funerary urns (one of the first manifestations of prehistoric art).

The newer works are preached on the floor, the walls, but now incorporate energy, move, run and lavish color and vibrancy. Together they give life to a huge range of surreal beings, friendly and playful, ready to fit in your hands. With them came a polychrome dense and vibrant as she had never before manifested.

It's amazing how at each stage, Kira LUA explores elements that seem insignificant and demonstrating just how much has to tell us, in a poetic forms and colors ranging from a light touch almost translucent to intense vibration of their vital beings, saw his nails legs and arms all crazy graceful beings ...

Mario Palermo
Plastic Artist

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